Submit Abstract

Abstract submission for the 94th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition is now open!

To submit your abstract, click on the link below and follow these guidelines:

  • Click on “Create Your Abstract” button, and then “New Account” tab.
  • Very Important: Under the New Account information, your e-mail address must be a valid address as this is how we will communicate with you about your abstract.
  • Create Abstract under New Abstracts, and then click on name of abstract and Open.
  • Under General Info tab: Complete title with proper capitalization, select appropriate division and symposium, and indicate if you would prefer an oral or poster presentation. Graduate and Undergraduate students can be eligible for various awards if they choose.
  • Under Authors tab: Add authors with Surname, Initials and link to their affiliation. The presenting author box must be checked.
  • Under Abstract tab: Enter body of the abstract. Should be approximately 250 words maximum, but length should be checked under Preview tab.
  • Under Graphic tab: Images may be uploaded in wmf, emf (Windows and Windows Enhanced Meta File), ps and eps (Postscript and Encapsulated Postscript), gif, jpg and png (bitmapped image formats). (Note: A graphic will reduce the maximum word count of your abstract).
  • Under Preview tab: Click “View Preview” button. Your entire abstract must appear above the line or else it will be cut off. You can go back to abstract to edit if needed. Very Important: You must click “Submt Abstract” button to officially submit your abstract.

There are additional guidelines within the webHermes abstract submission process to help you with submitting your abstract.